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calendar Published 10/22/2019

How to Design an App: Get to Know Tips for Creativity

Due to the increasing popularity of smartphones and a striking increase in the development of technological advancements on the whole, mobile applications have become really popular. People use smartphones for different reasons and one of the explanations why smartphones are so popular is due to the great number of applications they offer. People use the applications for different purposes: for self-development, entertainment, informational purposes, games, etc. According to the statistics, every minute, more than 1.5 new mobile apps are launched. Consequently, users install a lot of them but, as a rule, they use only 10 (or maximum 15) of the 30 installed. Evidently, the competition is harsh, so mobile app designers need to consider some of the best features of the applications design, which make the apps really successful. When designing apps, it is crucial to be aware of the specific features that make one prefer a specific mobile app to the others.

Rule of thumb for UX: More options, more problems.


If you want to know some specifics of app design, be ready to start with thorough research of the field. In this case, research denotes finding out details about technology, market landscape, competition, product owners, and customers. When conducting a research of a specific app type whatsoever, it is important to make sure that the app is feasible and usable. Therefore, to ensure these qualities, it is critical to get to know specific facts and details about the app users, the competition in the field, stakeholders, and market trends.

Main Strategies for Mobile App Design

Many app designers undermine the importance of research in the process of design. Normally, they pay more attention to learning the very features of design instead of exploring the design tricks. Nonetheless, once you have the solid research base and sufficient practical skills, the following strategies and tips can assist you in mobile app design if you want to succeed.

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Maintain Responsive Design

When you have decided to create some great app, make sure it is compatible with different mobile devices. It will ensure that your app will be more competitive and that it will be more popular with users. It also means that it will attract a larger clientele base. As such, you need to investigate what OS is the most popular. Apart from that, you need to identify the target audience for your app and only after that explore the OS of their preference.

Make the Design Simple and Clear

Mobile app design does not equal design sophistication. Actually, to attract more and more users, you need to make the design simple and easy to navigate. The app should be convenient to use on a small device, so keep it simple. Moreover, do not try to include many features into one app and expect it function brilliantly. If you have some complex functions and features, be ready for some loading difficulties. Your users will hardly ever be happy about that. As a rule, one of the things that most annoys users is when the app has some glitches and when it takes much time for loading. So, these issues have a negative effect on the user’s experience.

Think of Iterative Design

The principle of iterative design is that one uses data from user testing and other evaluation methods. Therefore, if you want to come up with appealing and responsive apps for specific target users, be sure to terate UI. Moreover, you will also derive lessons for the potential project designs. Some of the other valuable app design tips is to get analytical statistics in user behavior.

Appeal to Visual Effects

Work on the visual representation of your mobile app. Keep in mind that when it comes to visuals, everything matters. So, be picky about the font type, size, and color as well as the overall layout and template. Try to make the colors pleasant to the eye as well as make them match with one another. Try to create with light mobile UX design. When you focus on striking and bright visuals, you will make the users more attracted to your app and engaged in it.

One Function – One Screen

Keep in mind that when it comes to smartphone apps, the space is limited. First of all, think of what the design would be like for the smallest size of the smartphone screen. When you design this feature, then it will not be a problem to adjust the visuals to the larger screen. Try not to place more than one task to one screen. If you provide different actions on the screen, it will not appeal to users as they will stop using your app straightaway. It is highly recommended that each primary screen progresses that just one action that is of real value to the user. When you ensure this function, the mobile app users will find the app simple to use. The design will not be confusing and they will fast get used to it. Moreover, attention will be drawn to a single action, which will as well simplify the whole process of using the app.

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Adhere to Specific Guidelines

Even if you think that UI is really specific, there are some guidelines to it in terms of making it effective for the mobile app design. Particularly, regardless of whether you are working with user interactions or handling navigation principles, you need to take into account the present standards. Moreover, UI web app designers should place more emphasis on the major features instead of minor ones. This is the essential requirement for getting the app on the market. If you plan to sell your app on Google Play or Apple App Store, be aware that they will review your app according to this criterion.

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Adhere to the Rule of Thumb

One of the main tricks of UX app design is to double-check whether a user can perform specific functions and tasks while holding the smart phone in one hand. Therefore, for certain functions, take into consideration the distance between the buttons as well as their size. Test the app on your own to find out whether it is easy to use it while holding the gadget in one hand. When it comes to the „easy to reach“ area, be sure to place there some common action buttons as well as controls that are frequently used. It will ensure that the basic functions are performed without any difficulty.

Apply Patterns of Recognition

If the app is used intuitively with time, it is a sign that the web app designer did a great job. To achieve this aim, you need to be aware that the web app design UI needs to possess some recognition patterns. Actually, these are the features that the user is well aware of, that are familiar to the user, and demonstrate how the app functions. Make sure that the user has an easy access to the buttons that deal with a specific function of the app. For instance, if you are using an app for buying, it should definitely have the button «Buy» that s easy to reach.

Apply Gamification

Game mechanics may be used for making the design process more engaging and interesting. Gamification has been recently proved to pose positive effect on design and other processes. Actually, introducing games into a non-game environment is considered to be an effective intervention. Overall, it helps for transitions and ensuring a clear layout. What is even more important is that mobile app designers get their portion of fun while working. It is a means of escaping routine and get involved in some entertaining and recreational activities.

Be Aware of the Existing Trends

In order to ensure you attract a solid clientele base, you need to pay attention to the present-day trends. Therefore, keep in mind that you have to read a lot and constantly develop yourself when it comes to the field of design and technology. Being aware of the innovative trends will help you attract bigger audience.

Remember About Testing

App testing is a must to ensure it functions effectively and correctly. Therefore, the apps should be tested for usability. This kind of testing enables to find bugs in advance and to improve the app in a timely manner. So, testing should be done before you deliver the end project to your customer.

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It is not easy to design any type of mobile app. It is essential to take into consideration all the best practical strategies and tips. Moreover, approach the process of app design in a creative way and try to deliver an original product to the customer. If you face difficulties with the app design, feel free to rely on our professional assistance.

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