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calendar Published 08/14/2019

Why Users Leave Your Website and How to Improve the Situation

You have created an awesome website paying attention to the smallest details. You have thoroughly checked the content for grammar to make sure it is flawless and now you believe your website outshines other web resources. However, why does it attract such a small number of online users? The lack of website visitors is one of the major problems which numerous website owners face. The causes of such an issue are sometimes unclear what makes it hard for the website creators to find a way out of the situation.
We have compiled a list of the key factors that make users avoid accessing some websites.

Long Loading Period

This is the most important reason for which users decide to leave a specific website. People usually wait just for a couple of seconds to let the web resource load and then go to another site containing the same data about the subject they are interested in. One may say that a few seconds is a very short time span and it should not make any difference. Nevertheless, when it goes about site loading, every second matters. The more time is required for the website to be loaded, the more users you will lose.

How to Solve the Problem:

  • Pick another hosting provider, as not all of them offer the services of the same quality.
  • Revamp your database by removing duplicate material. Thus, you will have more space in your hosting.
  • Utilize specific tools to save files on local disk drives when visitors access your website.
  • Condense images to decrease the size of the files without reducing their quality. Use the available online tools to modify images before their upload.

Inferior Web Design

It is obvious that users prefer browsing the websites with an attractive design. However, making a good design and maintaining proper website usability at the same time is rather complicated. Many website owners make their resources either watery or too bright what does not attract visitors. Today, one has to mind not only the quality of content but also that of a design. Only in this way, the number of users may be increased. It should be noted that improving web design is not easy. Thus, you may need to address experts for assistance.

How to Solve the Problem:

  • From time to time, alter the themes presented on the website.
  • Instead of proven Times New Roman or Arial, try other fonts.
  • Think about hiring a designer to create unique images for your website instead of using stock pictures.

Unresponsive Web Page

At present, people spend a great deal of time using their gadgets. If your website which users try to access on their gadgets does not function properly, they are likely to go to other web resources, the competitors’. Thus, do your best to create a good mobile version of your site that will enable visitors to stay on it.

How to Solve the Problem:

  • Decrease the size of pages by minimizing resources and condensing images. It will make your website load quicker on your mobile device.
  • Eliminate interstitials so that they do not appear on the mobile version of your website. It is worth finding other ways of using interstitials on your web page.

Improperly Structured Content

It is apparent that users want to find the material they are looking for quickly and understand it fully. However, it is sometimes very hard to get the main idea of the articles published on some sites, as they are rather confusing. Such a state of things makes Internet users seek other websites the content of which is more comprehensible. Thus, if you do not want your visitors to leave your web resource, ensure its content is both clear and useful.

How to Solve the Problem:

  • Use subheadings and bulleted lists to make the text easy to follow. The use of meta tags will let you adjust the content to the SEO purposes.
  • Insert images in the text to make it more engaging. Additionally, you may provide some statistical data and insert quotations and memes in the text to make users stay longer on your Internet resource.

Excessive Number of Advertisements

It goes without saying that you like any other website owner crave to get a large number of subscribers so that it is possible to sell more products which you are advertising on your website. Using ads to achieve your goal is great. However, spamming the visitors with excessive ads with the purpose of increasing the conversion rates is not a good idea. It will just irritate the website visitors and, as a result, decrease their number.

How to Solve the Problem:

  • Avoid making ads to be the first thing Internet users will see when accessing your web page.
  • Use the ads rationally and locate them where appropriately.
  • The ads should not occupy more web page real estate than its content.

Terrible Usability

Try to make your web resource easy to browse. Make certain that users will not encounter any difficulties in navigating your website and finding the needed information. If you do not know what conversion rate of your page is or do not have any CTA on your website, it becomes clear why visitors prefer surfing other web resources.
If you want your website to be popular among online users, you should clearly define its purpose, i.e. why you have created it. It will let you build strong relationships with your visitors. Moreover, by identifying the kind of CTA needed for your website, you will manage to interest people in your web content and make them stay on your site.

How to Solve the Problem:

  • The number of CTAs on your online resource may be large, but the offer should be only one.
  • Ask users to provide their name and email if you want them to sign up for your CTA.
  • Locate an extra CTA tab on your web page. Thus, you will manage to make your website visitors do what you want.

Videos Produced on Your Website Automatically

They really irritate users accessing different websites. Such a thing as automatically produced videos presented on the web resources has been popular a few years ago. Now, Internet users want to decide what content to get on their own. They do not like when some video clips start playing automatically right when they visit a specific website. Such tricks can make visitors leave your web page.

How to Solve the Problem:

  • Let users decide on their own whether to watch the video or not.
  • Sometimes, the message can be conveyed to readers in a more understandable way by means of words and not video.

Poor Content Presentation

Unsuitable color and font, grammar errors, typos, and inappropriate layout of information may confuse the visitors of your website and make them leave it. Remember that it is essential to make the content not only useful but also visually attractive. The material published on your website should be the reflection of your brand.

How to Solve the Problem:

  • Hire a designer if your budget allows you. Bear in mind that the used colors, typeface and specific style may greatly influence both the conversion rate and number of customers.
  • Mind the grammar. To make sure your content is impeccable, use the services of qualified editors.


Statistical data play a crucial role in developing a website. It helps website owners identify users’ needs and find the ways of satisfying them. Furthermore, statistics helps you realize whether your website is interesting to online users or not. If, according to statistical data, you see that your web page is not very popular among visitors, you should start looking for the means of fixing the situation. By following the hints provided above and minding statistics, you will manage to make your website attractive to customers.

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