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calendar Published 08/05/2019

Homepage Design Fundamentals: Effective Strategies from Experts

Many reputable organizations and businesses admit the importance of successful homepage design for their websites. On the whole, the company’s online presence can help it reach a wider variety of customers and attract potential clientele base as well. Therefore, it is a matter of prudence to devote much time, thought, and effort to the development and establishment of good homepage design. This is actually the criterion, which determines whether your target clients will be left with a good or bad impression of your company.
According to the research findings, it takes no more than five second for a website visitor to decide whether it is worth staying on your website for a longer period of time and read on to find out what you can offer. Therefore, there is a strong need to make the website layout logical, consistent, and appealing. When it comes to homepage design, first impression is what really matters. Having devised an effective homepage, you can encourage clients and website visitors to spend more time on the website and be more attentive to investigating your range of products and services. Resultantly, with effective website homepage design, you can reach more success when it comes to the matters of online purchase. If you need some help and guidance how to make your website homepage design more appealing and effective, read on the article – it will definitely come in handy for you. Our expert team of designers have come up with specific strategies on what to consider when working on your homepage design.

Effectively Introduce Your Business

One of the fundamentals that are decisive for the overall success of a homepage is whether it can attract attention of your visitors from the very first second. So, esure that you clearly provide the following information concerning your company or business on the homepage:

  • Who are you?
  • What products/ services do you provide?
  • What makes you better than your competitors?

Once you have found out that you can clearly convey this information to your visitors already on the homepage, be sure that you will help your visitors realize what your website is about. This information should instill confidence into your website visitors and potential customers. As such, they should be sure that the company is trustworthy and reliable and that it is safe to buy from it. Normally, clients have some hesitations when it comes to the quality of services. Thus, you need to make everything possible to disperse their doubts.
It has become already a popular tendency of many enterprises and businesses to come up with taglines, slogans or mottos that help others see the company’s unique value propositions. The aim of these taglines is to briefly and concisely describe the products or services offered by the company and also ensure immediate connection of the business to the website visitor. Actually, this strategy can be well considered a part of the marketing strategy and a way of the company’s branding.

Source: ETQ Amsterdam

Ensure Clear and Responsive Website Homepages Designs

Make sure the website design is properly displayed on different gadgets. While it was sufficient some years ago to work on the design for a laptop and a PC, nowadays, it is essential to adjust the design to smart phones and tablets as well. Therefore, make sure the website is properly displayed on different gadgets, especially mobile phones since it has been already statistically proved that approximately 60% of website visitors use their mobile phones for browsing information as well as making purchases and conducting other operations.
As a result, to ensure the best homepage design, you should make it responsive, i.e. make it stay the same and look the same on different gadgets. It is essential for a user to be able to reach the desired information no matter what technological device they are using. Whatever the case, the information on the website should be accessible. As such, pay attention to the navigation across the website and make sure it is quickly conducted through different pages on all devices. Double-check whether it is easy to display the full-screen size.
If you ensure this consistency and reliability of the website regardless of the device your website visitors are using, you will definitely provide stability for your service and will also make your brand easily recognizable. This will be your priority in comparison with your competitors.

Source: Workstack

Ensure Proper Dynamics and Interaction With Your Clients and Make Sure They are Engaged in the Process

It has long been proven that people are more likely to remember facts and information that was emotionally charged. When it comes to something neutral, there are fewer chances that it will really stick in one’s mind. Please remember about this principle when you are working on your homepage design. Bearing this fact in mind will help you guarantee a pleasant and memorable experience for your company with the website. If you make your website homepage dynamic, you will be able to evoke positive feelings and emotions in your visitor. Therefore, it is recommended to use videos, photos, images, illustrations, mini-games, animations, and other tools in order to make your audience engaged in the process of interaction with your product or service. You can also make your website more impressive by introducing some dynamic layouts, such as the 360-degree display of some placed or virtual tours at your company or business. It will help visitors not only to visualize but paint a clear picture in their minds what your company is and what it provides. Remember that visuals are always better than plain text. Such techniques can also be helpful in brand building. A great piece of advice is to always update the content of the website and make it meet the current needs of the target customers. As an option, you may provide a section of news, where you will post the recent discoveries of your company. This strategy will help you to make the website relevant.

Ensure user-friendly navigation

Airbnb Homepage
Source: Airbnb

It should be easy for a website visitor (especially a new one) to navigate through your website. As such, make sure the process of browsing the website is easy. The experience gained from interaction with your website should never confuse or frustrate your clients. Make sure their relationship stays positive.
Make sure you introduce a toolbar menu, where website visitors can find links to all the information available on the website. Make sure you include the priority information first. The menu should easily seen. As such, apply proper fonts and colors as well as contrasts. The most important thing for the website visitor is to definitely know where he/ she is when he/ she is browsing the website.

Provide relevant call to action

It is important not only to attract visitors to your website but also know what to do once they are there. As such, make sure there some specific calls to action, i.e. small actions what the customer should do in order to stay with the website and be informed about its services and benefits. Some of the most commonly used calls to actions are such as “Sign up today,” “Join us right now,” etc. A good thing to ensure is that these calls to action should be easily clickable. They should also encourage the visitors to stay with the website and further engage with the company.

GiftRocket CTA
Source: GiftRocket

Adhere to the modern standards of homepage design ideas

Just some years ago, website design was not as much developed as it is now. It could be described as more symmetrical, closed, and static. However, with the rapid technological advancement, website designers have started to use all the standards and rules of website design to their benefit. As such, the approach to constructing websites has become more creative and less rigid. Nowadays, one of the central principles is to make sure that the website is not boring and is balanced in terms of visuals. A website designer should strive for a minimalistic but at the same time creative and colored design in order to attract customers’ attention. As a rule, the majority of modern websites have the following constituents:

  • creative website layout;
  • pleasant color schemes and vivid contrasts;
  • appropriate use of white space;
  • balance of text and visuals;
  • background music;
  • appropriate CTAs;
  • fitting and attractive fonts in terms of types, sizes, and colors.

Hopefully, the tips provided in the article will come in handy for you in the process of designing your own website.

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