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calendar Published 07/25/2019

Website Redesign: Get Expert Help on How to Do It Properly

What draws your attention when you surf online? Is the logo of the website you are visiting? Is it the color scheme? Maybe you get really interested in the content of a specific blog or article? After you think of the answers to these questions, ask yourself is there something special about your own website that makes visitors stay on it longer or even leave some comment in the corresponding field? Or maybe it is high time you conducted website redesign? Whether you know it or not, or whether you want it or not, but your website is a business tool that also plays the role of a business card, an advertisement, and a demonstration of the services and products you offer. Each of these roles are essential for your business success and development of your brand. Therefore, don’t underestimate the website redesign process that actually helps improve the functioning of your website. Only when you realize all these aspects, you will view the website design as a important criterion for your online success. Moreover, you will truly understand the importance of timely website redesign according to the needs and interests of your target customers. If you are well aware of the principles of web designing, you will definitely improve the usability and functioning of your website.

Design is not the narrow application of formal skills, it is a way of thinking.

What Is Website Redesign? Look At Our Website Redesign Checklist

Website redesigning refers to improvement, alteration, adjustment or modernization of a website that is already functioning you do not need to change the original content of the website or the guidelines. Actually, you adhere to the main purpose of the website but you just update the visual style, namely graphic representation of the website, the website template and layout, arrangement of the content, etc. Moreover, when modernizing your website, you need to bear in mind the SEO rules and principles that are changing from year to year.
The realities of the modern business may be harsh but you need to realize that, in order to survive among the numerous competitors, you have to come up with a web redesign project plan and make sure your website is a quality one.

How to Redesign a Website

Data is the fundamental aspect of everything, so it is essential to know exactly what information should be modified according to the principles of website redesign. Follow these steps:

  • Provide the Analysis of
    the Current Version of the Website

Be objective and critical in your analysis: what is working well and what needs to be improved? You will definitely identify specific troubleshoots. In order to study traffic patterns, carry out an in-depth study of Google Analytics. What kind of bounce rate do you have? Is it high or low? What pages of your website are most visited? Apply such visual reports as scroll maps or heat maps in order to provide a critical analysis of visitors to your website. By analyzing the behavior of your website visitors, you will be able to outline problematic aspects. If there is a function of your website, wherein visitors can leave comments, ask questions, and provide reviews, you will definitely find this information beneficial. It will greatly help you improve the website functioning.

  • Set Priorities

One of the main reasons to redesign your website is definitely not merely to change the visual representation or design. A proper website redesign should involve the change of website functions, especially those that are connected with conversations and the aspect of sales. Besides, it is critical to think of the metric design that needs to be improved. Probably you want to gather more email addresses or encourage clients to purchase more.

  • Identify Your Target Audience
    and Update the Website if You Have Some
    New Category of Website Visitors

Please consider that the target audience of a specific website may change really fast depending on the changes of your range of products and services as well as cultural and societal changes that happen over time. Moreover, if you have some specific products, the target audience may change depending on the fashion trends. All in all, when working on your website redesign checklist, be sure to include such improvements as the communication and messaging system. Apart from that, you have to continue with your studying process and make sure you are well aware about the constant changes of interests and passions of different categories of clients. Make sure you know how to appeal to a specific category of target audience.

  • Investigate What Works Well
    on the Current Version of Your Website

You should definitely consider the aspects that work really well. Try to find them even if you think that your website is a total fail. Websites that need redesign should not be changed totally. If you are content with your logo, you will not have to change it. As well as that, please pay attention to the font sizes and colors, photos and visuals, as well as the color scheme. Maybe they are perfectly normal and do not need any redesign.

  • Create a List of Desired Changes

Organize this list as your wish list of improvements. Try to analyze each feature explicitly and in detail. Think not only of the final result but of the process of implementation.

  • Outline the New Goals

Each of the items on your list should have a specific plan of implementation and a reason for implementing it. Make sure you can justify each of the choices for the website improvement. In case you cannot come up with a specific goal concerning a specific aspect on the website redesign plan, be sure to put a question mark next to this aspect and think of it later.

  • Start Organizing a Detailed Plan
    of Your Website Redesign

You may either involve into the process of redesigning on your own or you may hire a professional team from a website redesign company. In any case, please make sure you identify specific aspects of improvement and outline concrete guidelines on what to do with the website. Make sure you come up with a system concerning how to proceed with the process of website redesign.

UI/UX Redesign Tips to Reach Website Success

If you have websites that need a redesign, the following information will come in handy for you. Our professional website designers have outlined specific strategies and recommendations on how to improve your website design and representation. Check them out below.

Think of the Ways of SEO Optimization

Make sure the content of your website can be easily found. It does not matter whether these are the landing articles, blog articles, or the main website content – you should definitely be careful about the use of keywords, specific text, images, custom meta titles and descriptions, etc.

Make Your Website “stronger” in Terms of Visual Elements and Other Features

We always put emphasis on the importance of appealing visual elements in every website. It has been already proved that people react to visually appealing elements, such as pictures, photographs, illustrations, videos, etc. If you merely place text into your website, it will not catch attention of readers.

Source: Wiley

Start Your Blog if You Don’t Have One Yet

If you underestimate the importance of content marketing, just think for a while that it is considered to be one of the most successful and efficient ways to attract more traffic. Many people think that advertisements do attract more and more visitors to the website. However, it often happens that the website visitors will want to read some interesting content. The best way to ensure it is to provide a blog section that will include articles on different topics.

Make Sure Your Brand Personalizes Your Website

When it comes to your brand or website personal design, there is nothing bad in showing off your unique brand design. Just think of the means via which you may interact and communicate with your target audience. Consider the writing style and tone of the social media posts, website articles and blog writing.

Source: Starbuks

Ensure That Your Website is Mobile-First

The function of being a mobile-first website really pays off. In the recent years, people have started to use smartphones more than laptops and PCs more than ever before. Therefore, make sure the website version displays well on mobiles and tablets. Make sure you pay consideration to UI/ UX redesign alike.

Use Different Colors

Pay attention to contrasts and apply highlighters to the areas that you want your readers to notice.

Source: Matomo

Think of Your Website Optimization For Voice Search

Voice search is the brand new feature of many smart phones. Many people do really use all the functions of their smartphones, so be sure to consider it while optimizing your website. Update the voice search options so that your website could be easily found.

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